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Marsh Creek is where I began to look at water differently. It is where I most recently saw a Bald Eagle and spent timeless moments waiting for birds and butterflies to be settled in a place where they could be framed in a shot. Like most parks in the area, I’ve walked every mile of trail many times over without once being bored.

The day of the Bald Eagle, I noticed a large, fast-moving shadow and looked up. Expecting to see a vulture, it took me several seconds to process that I was indeed seeing a Bald Eagle. In the time I remembered my camera, the Eagle was nearly across the lake. The memory will have to be enough.

Every day is a new one. Light catches. Winds blow. Birds migrate.

The photos are taken throughout the seasons and over several years. The butterflies of Marsh Creek will be in a photo gallery dedicated entirely to butterflies of south eastern PA.

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