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Park 7

Nature is a restless artist. She sculpts what appears to us a perfect work and then destroys it for a flaw we could not see. She’ll knock the balancing rock down and start anew. When one arch falls, another will be cut by wind-blown sand, blasting the softer rock away. Timeless impermanence is what we see. Should I ever return, nothing and everything will be the same.

Arches invites return, every day, every season. Sunlight and clouds dramatically reframe what you think you see. Sturdy and fragile change places in the light. Shadows from passing clouds focus the vast spaces for the eye to comprehend. Morning to night the colors change; creatures occupy their time of day.

Sun and shadow together create a magic show. They direct the eyes one way only to shine a spotlight in another place. In years of visits, one might say they have seen Arches, but temporary tourists never. Those have only seen the preview, yet claim to have watched the movie.

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