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It was 1998 when my then husband and I cruised the Nile. I diligently searched my files for an old Word document and came up with nothing. Then I realized that, gasp, I probably wrote about this on PAPER!!! May as well have been papyrus for as antiquated as paper has become. What I found was an old letter to friends with scant reference to the experience.

“C joined me and had some adventures of his own, including a sand storm while at the Great Pyramids. The cruise between Luxor and Aswan was wonderful and the temples and tombs are truly awe inspiring. It is really impossible to convey the antiquity and engineering accomplishment without seeing it for yourself. Many times, there are just no words and you simply stand there staring like an idiot.

The most wonderful part is that Egyptian children have no fear of talking to strangers. Every school group would approach us and want to talk even though the only English they knew was ‘hello,’ ‘how are you?’ and ‘how old are you?’ The answers would usually result in a torrent of giggles.”

I know that I wrote much more at the time. Perhaps, I will yet find those documents and be able to enrich this post.

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