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Well that was all a bit strange. Couldn’t quite figure out how I felt about Rome. The first two days, I didn’t feel like I was in Rome as we worked after work and by the time we went to dinner around 8, I was too tired to care. It was Wednesday night before I saw the Coliseum, or anything for that matter.

As often as possible without appearing rude, I’d head out with M, who is most like me in her travel habits. We power walked to the Spanish steps before meeting up with the big boss for dinner.  Friday, we escaped to the coliseum and Palatine Hill. Saturday morning, I took a tour of the Vatican and in the afternoon hoofed with M to the Forum and the Trevi Fountain. That was the itinerary, but what of Rome?

Exquisite cheese, saltimbocca, pizza and gelato, the pasta, not so much. I hadn’t known that “al dente” meant crunchy. Maybe it was our restaurant choices, but the hotel was the same. I got over pasta really fast. On the other hand, I did have the world’s best spinach—kid you not, I could have lived on it.

Until Saturday, we had cloudy weather in the evenings and so, the sunshine was welcome for getting some better phots. Didn’t feel a bit guilty about failing to get my dose of museums; it was simply too nice Saturday to be indoors. Nice weather and street cafes are my best loved parts of Rome. In the Vatican, I saw the Pieta for the second time. The first was the NY World’s Fair—yes, back in the 60s—the Pieta and Disney’s “It’s a Small World” pavilion—still can’t get that damn tune out of my head ….

Of course, I did have to shop Italian. Several times we passed a little dress shop with a fuchsia and white dress and finally on Saturday, M dragged me in to try it on. The shop was sized 1, 2, 3, etc. so I had no idea what would fit. The shop and I finally figured out a 2 by trying on a black and white version of the dress. But I didn’t want black and white, so she called another of their shops and my dress arrived by Vespa a few minutes later. The second it was on, I knew it was mine and she also managed to sell me the matching jacket. Most expensive one-day vacation I’ve ever had. Several of the shops we visited mentioned how much they liked Americans and we finally asked why. “Because you make a decision. You buy or you don’t. Those others they spend hours trying and looking and buy nothing.”

M and I decided that Rome strategically placed the best-looking police officers in the tourist areas. Once we noticed, we’d point out different officers to each other. At one point, M remarked that she was going over and getting arrested. We laughed and I suggested just playing hapless tourist instead.

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