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Vienna deserves so much more time than the flight layover allowed. By the time I arrived at the hotel it was already 4 pm, but determined to see as much as possible I strapped on my Dr. Scholl’s sandals and started hoofing. I saw a lot of the outside of Vienna’s historic architecture. Bellevedere Castle, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which I did go in, The Spanish Riding School and all the historic buildings in that area. I would happily consider moving into even a corner the Austrian National Archives….

Around 6 pm it dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten lunch and was feeling the effects. Picked the nearest café and devoured a perfectly yummy sandwich. Never had a formal dinner, but that’s ok. Maybe next time. Finally admitting to myself that it was A. Getting dark and B. I was completely done in, I headed back toward the hotel to sit in the aptly named Stadt (City) Park and watch the ducks. With reluctance and a need to get up at six am, I got back on my protesting feet and walked along the park.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but Kotor. Huh, wait, I just saw Kotor and it is in Montenegro. Deja, I must be hallucinating with exhaustion. But no, it was Kotor the Rakia bar. Momentarily I thought about putting on my Montenegro t-shirt and going back over to see if it got me a free Rakia. Just too tired and drinking was contra-indicated with both a cold and early alarm.

While it was great to have even these few hours in Vienna, visiting a 4th country in less than two weeks did prove exhausting. For Vienna and for Austria, perhaps the photos will speak more than I.

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