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SIgnagi, Georgia, November 2016

Departure from Munich was 9:30 pm and arrival in Tbilisi at 4 am Sunday. You can get here from there but only with difficulty. Bless the client for sending a car for me. Not being inclined to sit in the lobby of the Marriott for five hours, I paid the half day charge and checked in at 4:30 am, setting my alarm for 11:30 as I was scheduled to meet up with the HR team at 1 for an excursion to Signagi. Some sensible brain cell decided that unpacking could wait for my alarm on Sunday. Thank you, sensible cell. Going directly to sleep was my second good decision.

The most attractive part of Signagi is the view of the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. We did not see them. Low hanging clouds obscured the distant mountains. The town itself is an historic fortress, a classic walled town. The wall with periodic towers encompasses hectares of land. For a minute, I thought I’d been transported back to Pakistan as the tower construction is exactly the construction at Rohtas. We capped off the day with a wonderful meal at a winery although the Georgian guys were bummed that they had to stay sober to drive us back. Their wives declined to drive, not in order to drink, but because they didn’t know the mountain road. As G said, “We eat a lot. We drink a lot. It’s hard to be Georgian.”

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