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In a continuous quest to see the nooks and crannies of home, the day after Thanksgiving several of us took a trip to the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, Pa or as the guide said, “We have people who have lived in Lititz all their lives come here and say, “We didn’t know there was a Wolf Sanctuary here.”

When I pulled up to the sanctuary, there was already a line of cars in the driveway waiting for the gate to open. It was not surprising to find so many people visiting on a sunny holiday. Due to the large crowd, guides, who are exceptionally knowledgeable, waited at different stations to talk with groups as they moved through rather than one guide accompanying a group. It worked well as visitors could move at their own pace.

While there are fences in the photos, the wolves are not in cages. The fences are to protect people; the wolves (or wolf pairs) have substantial land to roam. The people paths change periodically to give all the wolves a break from people. All the wolves and a few dog/wolf mixes are rescues from zoos, homes (yes, some people are under the delusion that a wolf can be a pet) or wolves injured in the wild. As to why, if the wolves don’t particularly like people, they are at the fence—it’s snack time—chicken legs that take a wolf mere seconds to demolish, hence the phrase “wolfing down your food.”

Such beautiful creatures. Seeing them was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon. A full moon, repeat visit, is in order. For more info, visit the Wolf Sanctuary of PA website.


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